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The latest EU standard en15194 directive on electric bicycles stipulates that the maximum voltage of electric power assisted bicycles is 48V (DC) and the maximum continuous rated power is 250W; When the speed reaches 25 km / h, the output power must be gradually reduced and finally cut off.




According to Japan's road traffic law, at first, the ratio of manpower to electric power for electric power assisted bicycles was 1:1 (speed less than 15km / h), that is, when pedaling, they will get the same power. Since December 1, 2008, the ratio has been increased to 1:2 (speed below 10 km / h). During the period of 10km-24km / h, the ratio will gradually decrease, and there will be no help at 24km / h.


Since 2000, Canada has defined electric powered bicycles as a separate category. At present, eight provinces in Canada allow the use of electric bicycles, of which seven provinces have a maximum output power of 500W and a speed of no more than 32km / h. The limits set in Alberta are 750W and 35km / h respectively.
In Australia, the definition of electric bicycle is "the maximum output power does not exceed 200W, and the maximum speed or pedal is unlimited". Vehicles meeting this standard do not need to be registered and are managed according to bicycles.
According to the federal electric bicycle law, electric bicycle refers to a two wheeled or tricycle equipped with fully usable pedals, equipped with a motor with power less than 750W as auxiliary power, and the maximum speed is less than 32km / h.